We understand, because we've been there.

Each executive consultant has been chosen for their track record of excellence in real-world senior leadership roles and for their experience with executive coaching, consulting, mentoring, and assessment methodologies. As former senior executives, they fully understand the strategic and operational pressures our clients face, and are adept at identifying issues quickly and knowledgeably.

Our consultants work both individually and as engagement teams, ensuring that the highest level of specific expertise is leveraged for each client. Their collective capabilities ensure our clients’ toughest leadership challenges transform into sustainable organizational results.









Each executive consultant has been chosen for their track record of excellence in real-world senior leadership roles and for their experience with executive coaching, consulting, mentoring, and assessment methodologies. As former senior executives, they fully understand the strategic and operational pressures our clients face, and are adept at identifying issues quickly and knowledgeably.

Michael Takagawa

Founder and CEO

"We transform organizations, building the talent of a company so they are more prepared to take on the big initiatives of the future."

Michael Takagawa is the Founder & CEO of Corporate Edge, and visionary of an advanced and original organizational model that distinguishes itself from traditional leadership consulting firms and individual coaching professionals.

In his 20+ years as a Fortune 500 senior executive, including president and COO roles, Mike discovered that traditional models of executive coaching did not address the more complex needs of CEO’s, presidents and senior leaders, but were rather geared towards mid-level managers. Mike set out to develop a different type of client relationship—one that would address the unique needs of the highest level of leader. Leveraging team efficiencies, Corporate Edge consultants are often integrated into high stakes initiatives —working seamlessly across the organization—fully aligning Corporate Edge services with the client’s overall business and organizational goals.

Prior to launching Corporate Edge, Michael was president and COO of Discovery Toys, where he helped lead a successful business turnaround and company sale. In addition, he had a successful career in consumer marketing and brand management, including a variety of vice president roles for Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Del Monte, and Kikkoman International.

A native of San Francisco, Michael earned his MBA from Stanford University and his Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

“The success of an organization is the interdependent sum of all its parts, working seamlessly, with all short-term goals aligned with a defined mission.”

The Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of a premier leadership-consulting firm, Wende leads a powerful team of executive leadership consultants. She works closely alongside her team, and values people first. It is her mission to build trusted relationships with senior-level clients, and she works collaboratively to find creative and custom solutions to their biggest business challenges. Wende operates both in front and behind the scenes, establishing touch points and strategizing for the future of the company’s brand, direction and growth. 

Wende has an MBA from Golden Gate University, a BA degree in Business Management, a Paralegal Certificate from Saint Mary's College, and is in the process of completing the Leadership & Performance Coach Certification program at Brown University. She has completed Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation and Leadership, has training with Integrative Enneagram Solutions, and is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Institute of California). She is an avid and lifelong learner.

Wende balances her career with her most important role as a mother, and as an involved member of her community. She serves as a Board Member for the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation (dedicated to serving cancer patients), as well as the Golden Gate University, Alumni Association Board of Directors. Wende is a passionate advocate for the education and success of youth and women. She is the Board Vice-President for Impact 100 East Bay, empowering women to have a lasting impact in the local community, and a mentor at WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. (The Women's Organization for Mentoring, Education, and Networking). 

Wende Amerie

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer


Lynn Barsnick

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Brand Implementation and Employee and Client Experience

"A great leader rolls up her sleeves and joins the masses. It is only as an equal and connected member of the team, with an intimate understanding of their driving fears and motivations, that she can lead them to greatness."


Lynn believes in creating coaching experiences that allow leaders to challenge themselves and go beyond their perceived limitations.


Prior to joining Corporate Edge, Lynn worked in the field of human resources and consulting, helping corporations – in the United States and globally – create and build high performing HR organizations. Her work spans many industries including technology, healthcare, finance, bio-medical, and oil and energy, and often takes her across the country and into Asia and Europe. She spent several years working with the Department of Homeland Security as part of a government-wide initiative to increase performance and the ability to lead more effectively. She also has significant experience in brand implementation, teaching teams how to embed brand messages into employee and client experiences at every touch point.


Lynn holds a BS in health science and is certified in Myers Briggs, Insights Discovery, and FIRO-B assessments.


She divides her time between her coaching business and her pro bono work with East Bay nonprofits, helping organizations become more collaborative and effective in their strategic plans and organizational goals.

MASTER STATUS: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Performance Management, and Team Dynamics and Effectiveness


Sarah Benenson Goldberg

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Senior Women in Leadership

"Successful leadership means learning to flex and shift communication skills, innate abilities and well-formed attitudes to understand what motivates you and inspires others."

Sarah empowers her clients to be influential communicators and inspirational leaders.  

As a former Director at The Walt Disney Company and a founder of her own advertising sales firm, Sarah brings a wealth of corporate experience to the coaching process. She empowers her clients to lead with passion, confidence and self-awareness.  Working with senior executives, often in transition due to a promotion or organization shifts, Sarah emphasizes that recognizing strengths and potential blind spots can lead to small, nuanced shifts that create high impact change. 

Sarah has a B.A. in Communication and Semiotics from Brown University and certification as a Myers Briggs facilitator. 

Having transitioned due to industry changes, promotions or personal choice, Sarah’s insight helps her clients navigate the complex personal and professional development that change demands.  As a mother of two teen-age daughters, Sarah understands the challenges of juggling families and demanding careers for both men and women.

MASTER STATUS: Shifting from Managing to Leading, Communication Skills, High Potential Women Leaders, Executive Presence, Personal Branding, Presentation Skills, Persuasive Messaging, Conflict Resolution and Performance Management

Karen Elmhirst

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Executive Presence and Building High Performing Teams

“When you connect with your authentic warmth and personal power, your light shines, you discover presence, and your path to greater impact.”


Karen is an expert in the field of Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is all about influence. And, the good news is that this so-called “It” factor can be learned and developed over time. Although the term has become a buzzword recently, Karen has been coaching clients on the elements of “Executive Presence” for over a decade. She has also expanded her program to include teams and helps them grow their presence as they build trust, gain alignment on their shared vision and learn to lead from every seat. 


Karen has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and started her career in sales and marketing, becoming a leader in companies ranging from large, multi-national firms to a small internet start-up. She continues to expand her knowledge in support of her passion - how people communicate and their relationship to work.

Whether it’s preparing a client for a challenging conversation, a high-stakes presentation, or facilitating a team’s strategy meeting, Karen brings her own authentic warmth, personal power and insight to help identify the best path forward. 


MASTER STATUS: Executive Presence, Mission/Vision/Values, Stakeholder Management, On-Boarding and Change Processes, Communications and Team Performance, Influence and Impact


Alan Gellman

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Enhancing Impact and Joy for Executives and their teams

"Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success.


Alan is a former Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager who now helps successful executives develop in ways that help them drive stronger results, build stronger teams and achieve greater joy.


He brings the informed perspective of having been a senior operating executive before becoming a coach. As the Chief Marketing Officer of Esurance he was named by Business Insider as one of “The 50 Most Innovative CMOs in the World.” He has held executive positions in companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to startup, across industries including Financial Services, Health Care and Consumer Packaged Goods.


His approach recognizes the realities of the corporate world while bringing humanity to the issues his clients face. He helps them develop through authentic and comprehensive conversations, and a pragmatic examination of behaviors and outcomes which include development of new skills and competencies.  His clients appreciate his ability to quickly grasp their situation, his clarity, pragmatism, results orientation and sense of humor.


Alan’s clients work in functions including C-Suite, marketing & advertising, finance, technology, analytics and operations, across many industries, and their companies range in size from Fortune 50 to startups.

MASTER STATUS: : Executive Coaching; Leadership Development; Team Coaching, Development & Facilitation; High-Potential Executive Development; Interpersonal Communication & Influence; Change Management; Diversity Equity and Inclusion. His focus on diversity, equity and inclusion comes from a personal passion; he is the chair of an organization that supports adopted kids of color, like his daughter.

Denise Green

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Brain-Based Transformation and Group Coaching

"We combine our diverse talents, knowledge of the culture, relationships, and heart to facilitate profound, system-wide improvement."


Before founding her s-corp in 2008, Denise spent 14 successful years leading at Oracle Corporation and Charles Schwab & Co., where she last served as Director of Leadership Development in IT. Denise has coached and inspired thousands in High Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Consumer Products industries. She is a sought-after speaker and author of Work-Life Brilliance: Tools to Break Stress and Create the Life and Health You Crave (Amazon, April 16, 2017).


She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French from Arizona State University (summa cum laude), a certificate from the University of Paris Sorbonne, and a Masters from Stanford University.


She draws on her experience as a car accident and illness survivor, and her deep knowledge of the brain and behavior change, to help people overcome any obstacle and step into their potential. She lives in Oakland with her daughter and wonder-mutt Andy.

Denise is passionate about turning research into tools that make the most of her clients’ time, so they achieve powerful results with minimal effort.

MASTER STATUS: Brain-based leadership to inspire trust and bring out the best in others, Brain-based Habit Change, Executive Presence, Influence, Stress Reduction, Time and Life Management. Reducing Overwhelm & Boosting Productivity in Individuals and Teams. Unique STEAR Coaching Model to shift painful thoughts.


Renata Hodges

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing as a PhD Clinical Psychologist

"My passion is guiding leaders on the journey from identifying their most compelling purpose to achieving meaningful, sustained results.”


Renata is a change agent and accelerator, enabling clients to close the gap between where they are and where they dream to be.


Before Corporate Edge, Renata coached and consulted for 17 years with Accenture, Deloitte, McKesson, and Korn Ferry.  Her expertise includes executive coaching, leveraging assessments for strategic talent decisions, and driving change.  Combining deep inquiry and expertise in adult development, Renata fosters heightened awareness and insight.  Her coaching weaves together skill building, deliberate practice, metrics-based accountability, and support to create lasting change.  


Renata graduated from UC Berkeley and Duke (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology).  Her doctorate on work/life stress continues to define her work; she uses a holistic approach to optimize performance and fulfillment.  Her coaching toolkit includes certifications from International Coach Federation, Immunity to Change, Leadership Circle, Hogan, Enneagram and other empirically-validated assessments.


With a lifetime spent traveling the globe and now as a parent, Renata loves exploring life’s big questions.

MASTER STATUS: Aligning Purpose with Impact, Mindfulness, Navigating Transitions, and Skillful Relationships.

Kathleen Joy

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Change management and Creativity


“I believe humans are incredibly adaptable. We are designed to find creative solutions to impossible situations.”


Kathi is in the service of bringing out the inspired brilliance in leaders, teams, and organizations that wish to fulfill their wildest dreams.

Kathi has consulted to senior leaders, teams and divisions in Fortune 500, mid-size and start-up companies in the USA and Europe. She’s worked in a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, high tech, and bio tech. Kathi’s clients are high performing; smart, driven professionals and organizations who want to have purpose, innovation and impact with their work. They influence, manage and guide the work lives of others and are responsible for critical organizational outcomes. After 20+ years of experience working with leaders globally, there are a few things Kathi has noticed. Few people use all the resources and intelligences available to them to get want they really desire. Kathi has identified the 4 major intelligences needed and developed a methodology to create individual, collective and cultural brilliance so they can create consciously and fully.

Kathi holds a MA in Organizational Development from The California Institute of Integral Studies and a BA in Public Relations from the University of Michigan. She completed graduate-level work in Cross-Cultural Studies at the Universite de Lyon II while working in France for several years.


Kathi has the pleasure of living in the San Francisco area with her two blooming daughters and a 50 pound ‘lap dog’ named Coco. 

MASTER STATUS: Executives in Transition, Executive Presence, Multi-Intelligence Approach to Development and Problem Solving, Subtle Body Assessment and Practice Plans


Sheryl Nigro

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Transformational Leadership Development and Graphic Facilitation

"There is 'the life of business' and 'the business of life' and the two are inextricably bound."


Sheryl works exclusively with individuals and teams who wish to lead boldly. 


Sheryl has been coaching for 23 years. She spent the first decade pursuing leadership development in the realm of experiential education, most notably as a wilderness instructor with The Pacific Crest Outward Bound School. While there, she developed her capabilities as a leader, guide and facilitator of human dynamics in extreme environments. She then used her understanding of team process to launch her next career supporting and facilitating strategic planning meetings for executive groups across industries around the globe. Finally, she landed where she is today coaching and advising senior executives, top level teams and leaders in business, professional sports, the performing arts, global politics, diplomacy and philanthropy.


Sheryl holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Study from UCLA, Magna Cum Laude, and numerous certifications spanning the robust discipline of organizational and leadership development.


Sheryl loves spending time with her dogs, designing and curating her home & garden, and making an art of cooking and eating. Sheryl is a lifelong learner and has a very well-developed, albeit off-the-wall, sense of humor.

MASTER STATUS: Physician and Care Delivery Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Team Development, Leadership Transition/On-Boarding


Lori Lennox

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Leadership Transformation and Executive Effectiveness

“Leadership is not an event or a place of arrival—leadership is perpetual and a dynamic opportunity for evolution.”

Lori brings deep behavioral wisdom as a facilitative leadership resource to ignite transformative change in the art and science of leadership. 


During her 18-year corporate career, Lori achieved measurable success in cross-functional leadership positions with Fortune 100 companies including Cisco Systems and General Electric. She gained much of her organizational development expertise in her eight-year tenure with GE under the leadership of Jack Welch. In 2001, Lori launched her coaching consultancy and works with a client list that includes Adobe, Cisco, and Kaiser Permanente. Keenly perceptive and highly educated in human behavior, Lori moves from micro to macro, facilitating the exploration of uncharted possibilities and helping clients leverage their strengths and tap into opportunities otherwise shielded in blind spots. Lori specializes in empowering the intersection between insight and action.

Working from creativity, wisdom, and attention to consciousness, Lori partners with each client on an organic level to identify his or her unique learning edge.


Lori holds a B.S. in finance from Virginia Tech and has done extensive master’s-level work through the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center. She holds numerous certifications across the landscape of leadership development and is a continuous learner in commitment to her own evolution as a human, a parent, a leader, and a coach.


MASTER STATUS: Executive Presence, Difficult Conversations, Immunity to Change, Conscious Leadership, System Coaching, Stakeholder Influence, and Emotional Intelligence


Lori Ogden Moore

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Executive Leadership & Change and High Performance Teams

“Leaders impress with their strengths but connect with their vulnerability.”

Lori helps leaders enhance the capacity of their organization to create what matters most.

Lori works with senior-level individuals and teams to achieve client objectives for better business results and stronger working relationships. She provides leaders with feedback and trusted partnership.  Key issues include getting from reactivity to creativity through conscious choice, enhancing communication and trust, hiring/onboarding, becoming a coach leader, and practicing more effective conversations. Lori has been coaching for over 15 years in private, non-profit and government organizations of all sizes and stages.

She has an BA from Stanford in Communications and Psychology, an MBA from Yale, and a post-grad Leadership Coaching certification from Georgetown. 

Lori’s coaching career follows prior years as a leader in branding and marketing.  She has raised three teenagers, serves on Grace Cathedral’s Board, is President of the Ghiberti Center for Culture, and volunteers for Stanford and her children’s schools. She loves reading, working out, basketball, football, ballet, music and great conversations.

MASTER STATUS: System Coaching, Team Acceleration, Designing/Delivering Executive Team Off-sites, Women and Leadership, Developing Positive Learning Cultures, Innovation, and Adult Development.

Hawlan Ng

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Executive Influence

"People will obey you because of your title. They will follow you because of who you are.”

Hawlan draws on his diverse background as a business leader, executive coach and psychologist to help executives heighten self-awareness, unlock new perspectives, and transform leadership effectiveness.

Hawlan has twenty years of experience in the fields of executive coaching, leadership assessment, politics, education, and clinical psychology.  Earlier in his career, Hawlan was Partner at RHR International, where he coached and consulted to boards, C-suite, and senior executives in the healthcare, medical device, consumer goods, retail, and technology industries. As Principal and Senior Director of Leadership Assessment Services at Korn/Ferry International, Hawlan built and led a practice to assess development needs for executive search clients.

Hawlan earned a PsyD in clinical psychology from The Wright Institute (Berkeley), a master’s from Harvard University, and a bachelor’s in political science from Brown University. 


He is certified in the Hogan Inventories, Decision StylesTM assessment and several Lominger Architect Suite assessments. He is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys spending time with his wife and twin children. An accomplished actor, Hawlan has appeared on television, film and stage in the U.S. and Europe.


MASTER STATUS:  Leadership Influence, Stakeholder Management, Executive Presence, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Personal Branding, Preparing for a New Role, Transitioning from Manager to Leader, Change Leadership, Navigating a Matrixed Organization, On-boarding, Cross-cultural leadership


Saara Robles

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Executive and Leadership Team Development and Equine-Guided Leadership

True leadership is knowing when to step forward and when to step back; when to lean in and when to give space for others to take center stage. It's about knowing how to leverage the very best from your team. 

Saara believes that you cannot serve the world or others at your highest level, until you know who you are and how you impact the world.

Saara’s executive leadership and teamwork spans over 25 years. Her direct, pragmatic approach creates the best environment for others to rise to their best levels of leadership, whether that’s for work, community, family or in service to making the world a better place. Saara has worked in every type of business and industry with leaders across the globe partnering to enable their greatest contributions to the organizations and teams they lead. Her view is that knowing oneself first is an underpinning that creates leaders who are their most satisfied, productive, real selves.

She is committed to people finding joy in their work, no matter the level, environment or role. Her mantra remains ‘if people are to have passion for what they do, then going to work each day shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an opportunity’.

MASTER STATUS: Leading Large Scale Change, Transforming Culture, Inclusionary Engagement, Executive Presence, Guiding Teams to Their Top Performance, Developing Leaders Who Others Love to Follow

Hana Rotman

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Team Performance and Development

“Creating new leadership awareness that enables transformational shifts in behavior.”


Hana uses her own leadership experiences along with a high touch approach to inspire individual and organizational change that improves business results.


Hana is respected for her successes in leadership roles in preeminent corporations including Oracle, Schwab, and Blue Shield, where executives several levels her senior sought out her advice. As a strategy consultant at Accenture, she became known for her collaborative style and ability to establish meaningful connections at all levels in a client organization. Her corporate expertise spans product development, marketing, and organizational development. As a coach and consultant for the past 10 years, Hana has worked with leaders across a variety of industries including healthcare, bio technology, high tech and financial services.


With degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (BSE) and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (MBA), Hana shares her clients’ objectives for bottom-line optimization and aligns her coaching strategies to help them reach their business goals.


A proud mother of two daughters and a rescue mutt, and deeply committed to healthy living, Hana partners with her clients as they seek to balance life’s numerous priorities.

MASTER STATUS: Leadership Influence, Stakeholder Management, Strategic Planning, Mission/Vision Development, Team Performance and Development, Employee Engagement


Loretta Stagnitto

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Executive Development​ and Behavioral/Emotional IQ

“I help leaders and teams become highly self-aware and inspired by what they know, what they need, and what they can achieve."

Loretta guides leaders in better understanding how they currently lead and perform, and in recognizing where they can refine and enhance.   Working with Loretta, clients move from Assessment and Aspiration, to Action and Achievement.

Loretta’s career spans more than 20 years leading  PR, IR, Marketing and Customer Acquisition & Support functions in technology-based start-up, turnaround and publicly-held companies. During the ‘Web 1.0’ era, she orchestrated multi-million dollar brand development campaigns for products and services that fundamentally changed the way consumers and businesses use technology. Coaching leaders and their teams throughout the last 16 years, Loretta has aided professionals at all levels in recognizing and enhancing how they operate and inter-relate in their organizations.  She has most recently worked with Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems, Yahoo!, LifeLock/Symantec and Stanford University’s Development Office.

Loretta holds a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations from SJSU, is certified as an Executive Coach through CCUI, and  has completed extensive leadership coursework at the Institute for Generative Leadership. She is alsocertified in several OD and academic-based psychometric and behavioral analysis tools.


Loretta supports global female education and empowerment through her work with and She also enjoys reading, , weightlifting, Pilates, long walks, bike riding and interior design.  She has raised two adult children in the South Bay with her husband of 30 years.


MASTER STATUS: Leadership within Technology and Health-Care Based Organizations, Individual/Team Personality, Work-Style and Stress Assessment, Team Development, Emotional Intelligence Training, New Leader Assimilation, Executive Coaching

Bonnie Wentworth

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Specializing in Leadership Transitions

"Great leaders are made not born."


Bonnie’s coaching catalyzes change and gets results. She has a 30-year track record to prove it. 


Built on a foundation of managing people, strategy, processes and services, Bonnie coaches and consults to executive leaders of successful organizations, from early stage to Fortune 100.  Bonnie has taught hundreds of students and professionals as adjunct instructor and leadership coach at Stanford University where she has worked in teaching, facilitation and coaching roles since 2004. Prior to her career move to executive coaching, Bonnie led a nationwide team as a Director at Charles Schwab in San Francisco, where she was selected consecutively as an award winning leader. Bonnie is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a master level coach with over 5000 hours of individual executive coaching experience.  


With an undergraduate degree in Classics and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Bonnie brings inquiry, rigor and discipline to bear in her client relationships.


Bonnie coaches the whole-person and integrates life experiences as a leader, a manager, mother, competitive athlete, Board member, international traveler, continuous learner, change catalyst and human being in her work.

MASTER STATUS: Navigating Power and Influence, Emotional Intelligence for Engineers, Scientists, Physicians and Other ‘Quants’, Scaling Leadership Impact and Effectiveness, Executive Presence and Communication, Resilience, Happiness and Well-Being; Coaching for the Whole-Person