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Learn about Corporate Edge’s multi-dimensional approach in developing current and future executive leaders within vast organizations.

Wende Amerie

President and Chief Operating Officer

At the pulse of your evolving business needs and embedded in your organization,  we engage at a depth to understand the culture, landscape and history.

Corporate Edge is a premier leadership consulting firm offering executive advisory services to support critical business challenges of prominent corporations and their most promising senior leaders. Our methodology is a robust, systematic approach. By working as a team within the entire organization, we leverage shared knowledge of themes, culture, and landscape ensuring outcomes are aligned with business goals. 

Corporate Edge engages with companies that are large, complex, and focused on long-term strategic initiatives. We work with our client's senior level leaders during their most critical crossroads. As a solid foundation is formed, we help guide the way for future success through on-going strategy, board of directors cultivation, executive assimilation, talent management and succession planning.




At Corporate Edge, we know that many senior executives deal with initiatives that have far-reaching consequences and require rapid and confident decision making. Yet, traditional coaching methods often focus on short-term solutions and can fail to consider the broader organization objectives. This is what differentiates our Executive Partnership method.

Our credentialed consultants immerse themselves intimately in your business, engaging as full business partners, trusted advisors, and as informal members of your leadership team. By actively working within the entire system of stakeholders to provide a comprehensive view of your organizational challenges and objectives, we uncover relevant information to help you achieve concrete outcomes that are fully aligned with corporate goals.  

You start with a team of your most promising senior leaders across critical companywide operations. You bring those leaders to their highest potential and ground them with a clear and united vision forward. Then you watch it cascade downward to encapsulate the entire organization. That is the recipe for a massive culture shift and transformation. 

Michael Takagawa, Founder and CEO of Corporate Edge


A network of trusted advisors and business thought partners. 

One engagement team. 

Our consultants work both individually and as engagement teams, ensuring that the highest level of  specialized  expertise is leveraged for each client. Their collective capabilities ensure our clients’ toughest leadership challenges transform into sustainable organizational results.


Since 1998, we’ve earned the trust of top leaders across a broad spectrum of industries including technology, financial services, healthcare, biotech and multimedia. Our world-class clients span from entrepreneurial ventures to long-standing Fortune 500 organizations. Although our client base is deep, we engage with only a select group of clients at a time. We do so because our clients expect and deserve immediate attention when they require it. We are always available to respond to their most pressing needs.

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