Sheryl Nigro
Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Sheryl Nigro is an executive coach, leadership consultant and graphics-enhanced facilitation specialist. Known for her unique ability to enhance objective awareness and clarity of purpose through real-time visual representations, Sheryl helps organizations achieve remarkable breakthroughs.

Sheryl’s coaching and consulting work is the culmination of over 20 years of unique personal and professional experiences. Whether facilitating an executive meeting with wall-sized custom graphics, or guiding an individual through the discovery of “driving beliefs,” she uncovers insights, patterns, and linkages that are catalysts for positive, sustainable change. After working with Sheryl, executive leaders have demonstrated significant improvements, such as increased individual initiative, higher accountability, more focused communication, and better execution.

Sheryl’s areas of focus include:

  • Dynamics of influence in matrix organizations;
  • Decision-making models and methods;
  • Facilitative leadership model;
  • Appreciative inquiry as a tool for culture change;
  • Strengths-based self-assessment;
  • Executive presence and communications;
  • Cultivating innovation in the individual;
  • Leading versus managing; and
  • “Authentic leadership.”

Sheryl has coached executives and facilitated teams at a number of organizations throughout the United States. Her roster of distinguished clients includes such varied organizations as Chevron Texaco, Glaxo Smith Klein, Microsoft, and Mars, Inc.

Sheryl has also worked in association with a number of respected organizations, including:

  • The Grove Consultants International
  • The Institute for the Future
  • Stanford Research Institute

Sheryl’s creatively integrates lessons gleaned from a broad range of past roles, including film industry assistant, wilderness expedition leader, and athletic apparel & footwear “techie.” Her formal training consists of a number of certifications in facilitation, graphic recording and coaching, including: Group Graphics & Strategic Visioning (The Grove Consultants, International); Essentials of Facilitation & Facilitative Leadership (Interaction Associates); The Style View Executive Assessment Tool (Korn Ferry, Int’l); The Influence Edge (Lash Associates); and 5 Dynamics. In addition, she has provided graphic recording and facilitation solutions internationally. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication studies from UCLA.